The Parent Trap

I like this movie because it's family-oriented and fun. I guess this is one of my all-time favorite Hollywood films.

Brief Summary: 
This was a 1998 movie in which the main casts were Lindsay Lohan, Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid. Identical twins Annie and Hallie´s (Lindsay Lohan) parents divorced when they were infants, each parent taking custody of one twin. Neither twin knows about the other's existence until a chance meeting at summer camp. It's hate at first sight, and still unaware they are twins, do their best to sabotage the other. Finally realizing they are sisters, they hatch a plan to switch places so each can meet her other parent. Annie goes to dad, Nick’s (Dennis Quaid) California winery and Hallie to London to meet her fashion designer mother, Elizabeth (Natasha Richardson). The ruse works, and the girls scheme to get their parents back together, but an unexpected snag upsets their plan.


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