Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lee Seung Gi 이승기

Lee Seung Gi is a popular South Korean singer and actor. I don't know much about his music involvement and singing career since I only heard few of his songs. I like him as an actor because he's very natural and convincing in portraying the roles given to him. He may not be the typical pretty or masculine guy next door but after watching most of his korean series and dramas, I find him appealing and charming in his own ways. He has the natural humor that can actually consider him as prince of romantic-comedy korean films though that's the only title I can only think of as an ordinary fan. Maybe someday if given the chance to travel to South Korea, I'll have to include meeting him personally on one of his shows as part of my itinerary.

These photos were extracted originally from my phone as screenshots when I watched his latest drama "You're All Surrounded" televised by SBS network.

And by the way, he has already a girlfriend and her name is Im Yoona of Girl's Generation. Early this year, they've confirmed their relationship and I'm happy for them of course. Just keep up the good work LSG  :-)

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